Secure testing and management for HIV-positive patients. Explore the Lilie HIV module...

As the UK’s leading solution for sexual health management, Lilie is specifically designed for CaSH, GUM, HIV and fully-integrated sexual health services, driving efficiencies to deliver the savings, scalability and streamlining your clinic needs. With over 20 years’ experience delivering sexual health software, our new Lilie HIV module has been developed to go beyond a testing service, enabling you to also support patient management.


A modern sexual health solution

Taking care of mental health and attending regular check-ups is vital for patients with HIV. As sexual health services become more integrated, the new Lilie HIV module allows you to support such best practice, helping you to provide a testing service and manage diagnosed patients more effectively. It monitors the short and long-term clinical outcomes of people living with HIV infection.

The module has been developed following extensive input from clinicians across the country.

Lilie HIV features

The new module supports quick and efficient patient testing and care, with rapid access to pertinent patient information. Lilie HIV also offers:

  • Trends and charting: Shows the trends for CD4 and Viral Load (VL) via an electronic results interface (LabLink). This allows a clinician utilising the Lilie HIV dashboard to visualise how drugs and any significant HIV-related events, such as missed doses or side effects, might interact.

Lab Link Interface

  • Tabular results: Displays all results received in the reporting period in table form, listing all results and identifying whether they have been plotted or not. 
  • Treatments: Allows treatments linked to a HIV episode to be recorded manually, and generated automatically, when drugs are prescribed. HIV treatments will be charted and combined with the CD4 and VL chart to allow clinicians to see how treatments interact with CD4 and VL.
  • HIV workflow: Uses dynamic forms which allow clinicians to build their own consultations to aid patient data capture. The forms have been utilised to enable workflow for clinicians. Additionally, there is an indicator advising which form needs to be completed at an attendance. 
  • HIV events: Displays any HIV events recorded within a charting period. A HIV event will occur when a dynamic form, categorised as a HIV event, is filled in.
  • FRAX®: Uses risk factors in addition to DXA measurements for improved fracture risk estimation. Developed by the University of Sheffield, this sophisticated risk assessment instrument is a useful tool to aid clinical decision-making about the use of pharmacologic therapies in patients with low bone mass. A URL parameter has been set within the module to allow users to easily open the link without leaving the system.
  • QRISK: A prediction algorithm for cardiovascular disease that uses traditional risk factors (age, systolic blood pressure, smoking status, etc) together with hereditary, health and environmental factors (body mass index, measures of deprivation, family history, etc). A URL parameter has been set within the module to allow users to easily open the link without leaving the system.

    Please note: The Lilie HARS and LabLink modules can be purchased separately to accompany the Lilie HIV module.


  • Now supports effective testing and management of HIV-positive patients
  • Quick ability to chart treatments against results
  • Integrated Dynamic Form workflow
  • Provides graphical, easy-to-view patient data displays
  • Integrates with Lilie Dashboards to display key patient information in one simple view
Click image to download the flyer. 

Lilie - HIV Module



Lilie in action

Take a look at how Lilie delivers for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust



"The Lilie Text module has allowed the service to notify patients of test results and has greatly eased communication of negative results. It has also enabled reminders to be sent with details of appointments and we have now enabled patient replies to these messages for cancelling and rearranging appointments.

- Tom Streeter, IT Manager
Wolverhampton Sexual Health Services

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