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Centralises control of your Lilie users, identifying them by their Windows profile, instead of entering a username and password.

  • Provides a single, secure point of authentication to log in to the system
  • Offers tighter control over access to the system, increasing security
  • Reduces IT requests e.g. password resets
  • Centralised control of Lilie users

Efficiently captures all National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) data required to identify and monitor the spread of Chlamydia.

  • Reduces admin time by eliminating manual processes
  • Increases data accuracy and security via electronic data sharing
  • Reduces data duplication and transcription errors given data is captured just once – at the point of care
  • Provides full partner recording and reporting functions

Uses a secure handheld device to capture real-time sexual health data within an outreach environment.

  • Reduces hours spent having to transcribe and input data when returning to clinic
  • Increases data accuracy as written notes and illegible hand writing do not need to be interpreted by administration staff back in clinic
  • Decreases clinical risk as paper notes are not moved between sites
  • Securely locks data on the handheld device
  • Functions without 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Offline mode can synchronise data when returning to the clinic, ideal for areas with no connectivity

Helps you manage high volumes of data collection, while satisfying your SRHAD (Sexual Reproductive Health Activity Data set) national requirements.

  • Configure assessment templates to best suit your needs
  • Maintain a detailed contraceptive health and treatment history for each patient
  • Produce statutory reports quickly and easily
  • Easy-to-use integrated appointments function
  • Support real-time management of walk-in patients

Supports the collection and reporting of data for GUMCAD, the surveillance system for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in England.  

  • Manages the mandatory submission of datasets to Public Health England (PHE)
  • Offers secure and electronic recording of information

Monitors the short and long-term clinical outcomes of people living with HIV infection. 

  • Track the effectiveness of national policies and guidance
  • Compliance with regulation as dataset underpins national HIV surveillance
  • Captures complete HARS dataset and highlights incomplete datasets
  • Provides graphical, easy-to-view patient data displays
  • Populates fields from other areas of Lilie, saving time by reducing data entry duplication
  • Allows you to flag actions and generate tasks for colleagues

Integrates with Lilie Dashboards to display key patient information in one simple view.

Receives test results electronically from the laboratory and automatically enters them into the patient record.

  • Matches results with patient and imports into patient record
  • Reduces manual intervention and human error
  • Shows detailed test result history

Facilities ordering and receiving of results electronically, via a HL7 interface.

  • Electronically orders tests defined within 
  • Files requests back into the patient record and sent directly to the patient
  • Receives results via Worklist management
  • Improved data quality for requesting and reporting
  • Offers bulk management of results via SMS
  • Automatically prints labels and lab forms
  • Logon to third-party lab software via Lilie
  • Reduces clinical risk associated with mismatched or missing results
  • Identifies results that are lost in transit
  • Enables laboratory performance monitoring

Allows you to effectively prescribe for your patients, providing a historic timeline of items previously prescribed and automatically updating any treatments to their record.

  • Inbuilt dm+d database
  • Accurate generation of prescriptions with options to print and/or issue a script
  • Allows multiple items to be prescribed/issued on one script
  • Allows for recording of batch numbers and expiry dates

Enables patient communication via SMS.

Appointment reminders or test results can be sent as generic messages or be personalised depending on your service requirements.

  • Timely, direct and auditable communication with patients
  • Cost-effective way of communicating with potential to reduce DNAs
  • Multi-purpose – can be used to inform patients of changes to clinic opening times, launch of new services, patient recall, result notifications and appointment reminders

Manages walk-in clinics and allows patients to self-register their arrival for booked appointments.

The easy-to-use, multilingual solution collects patient demographic and contact information as well as sexual history, combining modern touchscreen technology with sophisticated data capture.

  • Automatic triage at time of registering, saving time and resource
  • Consultation time reduced as key patient data is provided ahead of consultation
  • Faster throughput, resulting in more patient appointments and increased clinic revenue
  • Improved data accuracy

An online booking solution which allows patients to search for local clinics and book appointments 24/7.

Virtual Clinic meets patient demand, offering a discreet, convenient and additional route to treatment, while offering clinic efficiencies by triaging the patient into the most appropriate appointment in the diary, and updating patient data into the EPR.

  • Reduces phone calls and clinic visits to schedule appointments
  • Ensures patients are seen by the most suitable healthcare professional on their first visit
  • Automates the patient record process as data has already been captured before arrival at the clinic
  • Increases patient volume as information and bookings can be made out of office hours
  • Reduces DNAs due to patient appointment reminders via SMS text or email

Lilie in action

Take a look at how Lilie delivers for Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust



"The Lilie Text module has allowed the service to notify patients of test results and has greatly eased communication of negative results. It has also enabled reminders to be sent with details of appointments and we have now enabled patient replies to these messages for cancelling and rearranging appointments.

- Tom Streeter, IT Manager
Wolverhampton Sexual Health Services

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