Tag Printing Services

Tag Printing Services

Ensure the smooth running of your system by having working RFID tags directly delivered on time by Idox Health.

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Idox Health encodes and prints ready-to-use GS1 compliant RFID adhesive tags to suit every item catered for by our systems. This includes case notes, medical devices and other hospital assets. Our Tag Service is directly integrated to our iFIT operations in order to reduce the costs of designing and producing RFID labels – allowing us to pass on our savings to you, and save you the headache of dealing with unresponsive third parties.

Order Your Tags Today

To order your tags and receive a quote directly from Idox Health please get in touch with your account manager.

Otherwise, please send an email to idoxhealth@idoxgroup.com with the following information:

  • Type of tags to be printed (including the appropriate keys for GS1 compliant tags).
  • Number of tags to be printed.
  • Starting tag number.
  • Delivery address.

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