iFIT (Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking) is a unique multi-purpose tracking and business management solution developed by Idox Health.

It has enabled NHS trusts and health boards across the UK meet Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) targets, address Care Quality Commission (CQC) issues and significantly reduce the costs of managing medical records, devices, drugs, specimens, personnel, supplies and other physical hospital items.

iFIT is GS1 compliant and supports Scan4Safety.

iFIT is compliant to GDPR requirements.

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How can iFIT help your organisation??

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iFIT is designed to overcome clinical challenges by utilising proven logistics practices to manage anything that moves around a hospital while notifying requestors of the exact status of their request at all times.

The iFIT business proposition provides immediate cash-releasing opportunities in service overheads while providing a GS1 certified multi-use tracking platform. It can be deployed at a departmental level and then extend its scope leading to increased savings as more departments embrace the solution. Business areas that iFIT can positively affect include: estates, medical engineering, medicines, asset utilisation, health records, procurement (GS1 compliance), patient tracking and more. 

Benefit Driven

The NHS spending review released by labour peer Lord Carter last year stated that, "by making better use of staff, using medicines more effectively and getting better value from the huge number of products the NHS buys, billions a year could be saved by 2020." 

Results from current iFIT usage show that once it is deployed:

  • Search activities are reduced by up to 80%.
  • Duplicate requests are reduced significantly.
  • Time to return items to shelf is reduced by 80%.
  • Nurses have more time to attend bedsides, significantly improving the patient experience.
  • Clinical decisions are improved.
  • iFIT has contributed to savings worth up to £2.5 million in individual trust cost improvement programmes.

RFID sensor network


iFIT Testimonials

iFIT™ has been a transformational product for the records department. After just a week of live running we have three times as many people using the system over our old case notes tracking system and we do not have enough work for some of our records clerks.

Christine Eddy
Head of Patient Services, the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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iFIT add-on services

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iFIT will drive efficiencies within your organisation’s medical records service by automating business processes and ensuring that all case notes are constantly traced.

iRecords transforms your current medical records processes into a modern, location-based logistics operation, utilising the latest RFID technology and complying with GS1 standards.

A typical hospital will make an estimated savings of between 35% to 40% per year in staff overheads alone (prior to any scanning and EPR investment) simply by implementing the enhanced functions delivered through the iFIT solution.

  • Automatic tracking of records in real-time.
  • Complete control of your paper records inventory.
  • Elimination of lost records.
  • Automatically logged ad-hoc requests instead of manually keeping track of emails, hand-written notes or phone calls.
  • Eliminate pre-sort.
  • Free up 15% or more library space.
  • Task and work-queue management.
  • Automated clinical prep.
  • Connectivity with key clinical and back-office applications.
  • Improved information governance.
  • Over 25 pre-built management, operational and KPI reports specific to medical records management 

Complimenting and Accelerating EPR
iFIT can be used in a variety of ways to compliment an existing EPR strategy through managing the physical documents through the scanning process in a controlled and audited way, or tracking the day forward folders through to digitisation.

Video: Watch iRecords at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

Video: Watch iRecords at work in Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


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Idox Health’s logistics management solution for assets provides users with the ability to locate, manage and utilise medical equipment more efficiently. 

iAssets tracks and intelligently manages your mobile hospital assets, ensuring that you have a 360-degree view of everything required to manage equipment effectively - such as their location history, availability, maintenance, assignment to patients and their overall utilisation.

iAsset’s new SmartFind view shows users asset locations graphically on a user-friendly map of the hospital site. The system enables rapid and simple location of the nearest available device with the ‘Find my nearest’ function. This ensures even shorter search times and increased patient safety.

All of this essential data can then be used by other business functions, such as procurement, to determine what new equipment is required and where it is most needed.

iAssets will lower a hospital's cost of ownership by:

  • Providing real-time asset location. The ‘SmartFind’ feature includes a user-friendly map of the hospital site, providing staff with asset visibility in a timely, accurate manner
  • Reducing manual effort in the overall management of medical device equipment.
  • Maximises the utilisation of equipment. Eliminating unnecessary re-procurement of critical equipment.
  • Providing a full audit trail of which equipment was assigned to which patients and for how long.
  • Predicting and preparing equipment for scheduled maintenance or decontamination routines.
  • Centralising overall medical device equipment management.
  • Freeing up staff to spend more time providing patient care as opposed to searching for items.
  • Improved information governance.

iFIT can be integrated to other existing asset management systems already in use by the organisation.

iAssets is GS1 compliant and supports Scan4Safety, providing full traceability to aid patient safety and support more informed asset utilisation and capital expenditure.

Video: How does iAssets work?

Pharmacy Logistics Management

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iFIT tracks and digitally prioritises your drug prescriptions while also ensuring your internal pharmacy workflows are monitored and visible. 

One of the main pharmacy challenges for hospitals is the inability to digitally prioritise prescriptions. With iFIT, prioritisation is clear – the solution defines the correct delivery order for each prescription rather than following a ‘first-in, first-out’ approach.

With iFIT, discharge medication is clearly identified allowing internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to be met. In addition, it facilitates, patient flow and discharge in order for beds to be released for incoming patients in a timely manner. As such, the service addresses the issue of extended bed occupancy which occurs when patients are discharged but unable to leave before their medication is processed.

iFIT’s real-time solution is automatically updated at each stage of the dispensing process and maximises drug visibility, delivering an audit trail after prescriptions leave the pharmacy department. As a result, the hospital pharmacy can reduce incidences of re-dispensing or unaccounted-for medication, as well as maximise productivity through improved communication across healthcare teams.

Key benefits:

  • Reduced instances of lost and misplaced medication.
  • Clearly-visible discharge medication flags – significantly eliminating delays in patients leaving the hospital.
  • Reduced discharge prescription and medicine processing times.
  • A 25% reduction in the re-dispensing of prescriptions.
  • The elimination of the first-in, first-out system due to the application of prescription priorities.
  • Improved patient services – providing patients with real-time information about their prescription status via screens in Inpatient and Outpatient areas.
  • Staff empowerment – more time available to dedicate to direct patient care, rather than spending time locating prescriptions and medications.
  • Reduced effort in batch recall management through dashboards and reports

Key functionality:

  • Real-time RFID tracking network granting visibility of the delivery process for discharge medication requests (including controlled drugs).
  • Ability to track bulk orders between pharmacy sites and wards.
  • Clear indication of urgent and non-urgent work streams, and flexibility for the management of increased demand.
  • Improved Information Governance and statutory reporting via the generation of pre-set tabular reports and graphical dashboards.
  • Dashboards for activity workload and turnaround times.
  • End-to-end audit trail of medicine activities from initiation of prescription to delivery.
  • Ability to suspend and resume prescription processing to manage controlled drug processes, out-of-stock medication or other variances in prescription drugs without impacting internal SLAs.
  • Full integration with existing pharmacy systems, avoiding manual scanning, printing and re-entry.

The solution is GS1 compliant and supports Scan4Safety.

Reports and Analytics for iFIT

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Reports and Analytics for iFIT is the next natural step in deriving value from your iFIT deployment by providing an easy to configure and highly visual interface to present process information that will give you greater insights into the performance of your service. 

The solution is a powerful data management engine that automatically receives and processes data from the iFIT database. 

Reports and Analytics for iFIT produces ad-hoc reports and highly configurable dashboards that allow managers and clinicians to manage the delivery of their services more effectively. The data is reconstituted in a way that makes it simple for non-technical users to use and build customised reports or dashboards. The end result is instantly accessible data, updated in real-time, for the executive team and information analysts to use.

Pull Lists for iRecords

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To boost the efficiency of records clerks in pulling and preparing medical records for clinics, Idox Health offers the Pull List module for iRecords.

The Pull List module displays a digital report of all scheduled appointments for outpatient clinics and planned inpatient admissions. It offers users the means of getting clinics to specify which records to pull (i.e. GenSets, Maternity sets, Temp sets, etc.), as well as which volumes per type of record.

The module appears on the ‘Process Requests’ screen within iFIT. Rather than pulling from two different lists, users can now see both the ad-hoc requests as well as the PAS appointments on one screen. Users can also set up their preferences to automate their search criteria, avoiding repetitive manual entry. The files shown are pre-defined by the clinic where the appointment will take place. This avoids the necessity for manual checks; what appears on the pull list is what needs to be pulled - down to the individual file type and volume.

Benefits of the Pull List module

  • More efficient pulling. Both PAS appointments and ad-hoc requests can be accessed in one digital report. 
  • The module revolves around the hospital’s clinics, streamlining pulling against clinics, irrelevant of request type.
  • Clinics are configurable. Their physical location, required record types and volumes can be pre-defined.
  • Users have the option to action requests both as a whole as well as by individual file. This flexibility makes pulling more straightforward and the list shorter.
  • The module’s auto-track feature eliminates the need for any physical tracking.
  • The option to have a physical report configured against Trust business processes.
  • Follow-ups and cancellations of requests now need to have a reason input, providing for more accurate reporting.
  • Users can easily generate a report highlighting the % of files ready for clinic X in Y time before appointment. 

Clinical Prep for iRecords


When an appointment is scheduled, the medical library has to pull the files required for that appointment in advance. Depending on the clinic the appointment is scheduled against (e.g. gynae, ENT, Oncology, etc.) different sheets and forms are required to be available in the file for the consultant or physician to fill in and write notes on. The completed forms are then sent back to the medical library to file away.

Trusts have various ways of doing Clinical Prep. Some have ready printed sheets - staff pull the file and just pick which form is needed to go into it. Others print which ones are needed manually. 

The Clinical Prep module for iFIT now automates this process - generating the forms required for upcoming appointments.  

Benefits of the Clinical Prep module

  • Forms are automatically selected by appointment type, so no more manual choice is required - eliminating room for error;
  • Forms are generated already populated with all available patient demographic data;
  • Printing of forms happens in order of patient, eliminating any need for manual sorting.

iFIT Testimonials

iFIT™ has been a transformational product for the records department. After just a week of live running we have three times as many people using the system over our old case notes tracking system and we do not have enough work for some of our records clerks.

Christine Eddy
Head of Patient Services, the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We selected the 6PM solution as they provided a proven track record in delivering complete RFID tracking services for medical records and their approach to the establishment of the scanning service was proven and comprehensive.

John-Jo Campbell
Head of IT, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

Having the 6PM team on site during the recent upgrade to iFIT 2.0 helped them see how we use iFIT in the real world and why certain functionality is so important to us. We also had the opportunity to discuss future development which should help to build and strengthen the product and improve our efficiency and working practices.

Philip J Stone
Medical Records Manager, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

This is all about patient safety. It’s about making sure we have the case notes available when the patient needs them and when they attend our trust to make their care as safe as possible.

Gordon Elder
Outpatient and Medical Records Manager, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, England

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