emCare successfully provides solutions for organisations and individuals through a highly motivated and dedicated fusion of healthcare and technology. By providing continuous and real-time health and environmental monitoring, we enable people from all walks of life to live independently, with dignity and peace of mind.  

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We are currently in the process of developing a new mobile health solution with various modules and targeting several health organisations.

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The platform will also include a repository that will allow individuals to store their health related data electronically. When intervention such as domiciliary or community care becomes necessary, the 3rd party organisation would have a secure method of consented access to the individual’s data whilst, at the same time, managing the individual’s health through the modules acquired. The platform seeks to empower individuals over their health data whilst at the same time providing health organisations with a wealth of information about the individual.

emCare is actively looking for partners from the health industry to team up with us in this venture. For more information kindly email idoxhealth@idoxgroup.com 

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