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More Patient Care,
Less Administration.

StrokePad speeds up patient record entry and gives you fast and easy access to quality patient data - freeing up invaluable clinician time to spend with patients.

“Massive step forward for clinicians”

Dr Richard Perry Consultant Neurologist University College London
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Time saved generating reports with StrokePad

Time saved generating reports with StrokePad

“Makes everything faster and simpler”

Dr Parashkev Nachev Honorary Consultant Neurologist University College London
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

1. What is StrokePad?

StrokePad is a unique mobile and tablet-based Electronic Patient Record for stroke treatment, and the first globally recognised EPR available to the NHS. It expertly:

  • Offers a real-time, point-of-care, digital recording system in a traditional ‘pen and paper’ format
  • Encompasses the entire management pathway from patient admission to discharge.

2. How does it help clinicians save time?

As a fully-featured mobile electronic patient record system, StrokePad helps save time and improve data quality, by allowing clinicians to:

  • Capture precise stroke data with little effort
  • Save time completing forms
  • Reduce data errors and misunderstandings
  • Avoid duplicate recordings
  • Maximise patient care time

3. Can StrokePad beat traditional pen & paper?

StrokePad's highly-optimised digital tablet interface features a practical 'pen and paper' functionality which enables you to:

  • Document your cases on the fly
  • Conveniently centralise and access all information
  • Easily optimise clinical and managerial data
  • Fully process outcome data
  • Generate performance reports in an instant

Its full offline mode guarantees data safety, completely eliminating the traditional risk of paper-based data loss or misplacement. Additionally, since StrokePad is not a web-based solution, no cable or internet connections are required when in offline mode, giving clinicians the flexibility to continue working in a practical, hassle-free environment.

StokePad's practical pen and paper functionality

4. What reports can StrokePad generate?

At a click of a button, StrokePad will automatically produce a real-time and up-to-date:

  • Admission Reports
  • Discharge Reports/Letters
  • Progress Reports
  • Thrombolysis Reports
  • SSNAP Reports
  • Ward Handover Reports
  • Audit Reports

5. Is StrokePad just for clinicians?

Not exclusively. StrokePad is a comprehensive tool, combining both the clinical and the administrative into a single unified record. It can greatly facilitate and enhance collaboration between a multidisciplinary team, ranging from nurses and therapists to data collectors, as well as others members of staff requiring ad hoc patient information.

StokePad facilitates collaboration between multidisciplinary teams

Start Reducing Administration Overhead

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“Makes data collection so much simpler”

Dr Robert Simister Service Lead,
Comprehensive Stroke Service
University College London
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

A win-win solution for all stakeholders

  • Practical tool for full documentation of clinical process
  • Enhances team collaboration
  • Creates unique stroke database for team, trusts and researchers
  • Speeds up decision-making processes and treatment choices
  • Quantifies and analyses team’s work and data as a whole
  • Increases patient care time
A win-win solution for all stakeholders

Cut clinic running costs

  • Reduces hospital cost quickly, with an ROI of less than a year
  • Estimated 58% in savings* over conventional pen and paper system
  • Cuts down time spent on data entry and report compilation, maximising productivity without requiring additional resources
Cut clinic running costs

Improve SSNAP audit grade and patient care

  • Automatically gather data throughout patient journey and easily
  • Upload for quarterly audit submissions, while eliminating manual form-filling
  • Capture patient data and take treatment decisions quicker
  • Increase efficiency of discharge process
Improve SSNAP audit grade and patient care

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All backed by Idox Health's world class support

With your dedicated Idox Health account manager and access to full support services, you can rest assured that all your product queries or technical issues will be professionally seen to and dealt with in as little time as possible.

"The best thing about the software is the people behind the application, their support, and care to their customers."

Clare Pope ICT Lead/Administration Manager Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust

People behind StrokePad

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StrokePad is a joint venture between University College London Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and Idox Health.

At Idox Health we are passionate about the benefits patients derive from the health solutions that we have successfully taken to market since 2011. The underlying passion is derived from our ability to integrate technology with health care pathways to automate the day to day clinical requirements. This allows clinicians and health specialists more time to focus on the patients’ welfare. We are dedicated to provide health solutions that help deliver an improved and better quality of life.

Idox health's core value is to earn the right to compete in the market place by building trust with our customers. Idox health has a global footprint with offices in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Macedonia and Australia.