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Investor Information

The Investor Information pages provide information to stockholders, potential investors and financial analysts. Such information will includes announcements and results in line with our investor relations policy.

Corporate Governance

6PM Holdings p.l.c. (“the Company”) is committed to observing the principles of transparent, responsible corporate governance aimed at maximising value. The Board considers compliance with corporate governance principles to constitute an important means of instilling confidence on the part of present and future shareholders, creditors, employees, business partners and the public in national and international markets.

Please click here to access 6PM’s Corporate Governance Statement of Compliance which can be found in our Annual Report.

Annual General Meeting

The last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 6PM Holdings plc was held on Thursday 21st June 2016.

Investors’ helpline

Please feel free to contact us with any investor related enquiries you may have:


Tel: 00356 2258 4500

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