High-quality data transforms the way clinicians work

Digitisation of healthcare is moving apace and the appetite for high-quality clinical information in the National Health Service (NHS) has never been higher. The current set of reforms is entirely predicated on the availability of good quality, timely information to manage and commission effectively.…

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“Doing it yourself” in a sexual health clinic

Visiting a sexual health clinic can sometimes be a daunting and embarrassing experience for patients, especially if the appointment involves having to answer questions about your sex life! Touch screens can save this embarrassment as they replace the need to register at reception and answer those often humiliating questions aloud to the clinic reception staff in front of other people in the waiting room, allowing you to be completely honest and open about your reason to visit the clinic. Hence why 6PM has developed Lilie Touch, a touchscreen module that works alongside the Lilie system which improves the patient experience as well as reduces work load on services.…

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Booking sexual health appointments online - happier patients and lighter staff workload!

It is no secret that the internet continues to increasingly play a vital part in our lives ensuring that we remain connected at all times and generally making day-to-day life more simple and hassle free. Given that most people in the UK now have an internet connection at home or have smartphones and tablets, accessing the internet has never been easier and people can govern all aspects of their life from the comfort of their sofa. So why not provide them with the ability to book their sexual health appointment via the internet?…

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Time lost is a brain lost!

A stroke is a serious, life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. Strokes are a medical emergency and it is critical that you get treatment right away to minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and prevent death. To reduce impact on stroke patients, clinicians need accurate data which allows them to ACT, ACCESS and TAKE DECISIONS on the move.…

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3 Reasons why your hospital needs an RFID tracking system

With the ability to accurately and efficiently track documents, RFID (radio frequency identification) has become an essential tool for hospital management. By placing RFID tags on valuable assets and setting up the proper site-wide sensory infrastructure hospital staff can successfully locate said assets saving immense amounts of time and effort. This simple augmentation is the bedrock upon which other practical benefits of RFID tracking are realised.…

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Healthcare for the 21st Century

Throughout the 21st century, clinicians, researchers and health care providers have invested significant time and effort to find ways of increasing life expectancy. These efforts have been truly successful as the world has witnessed life expectancy dramatically increase.…

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Tracking patient records

6PM’s Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) solution has now been installed and in use at the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust for over a year. Thanks to passive RFID tags that are attached to patient paper records and handheld readers iFIT helps to track down patient records anywhere at the hospital.…

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