Sexual health services - protecting the unprotected

With screening services across the country faced with significant budget cuts, while certain sexually transmitted infections are on the rise, clinics are reaching crisis point as they attempt to do more with less. Idox Health's Head of Sales, Rhys Powell, discusses the progress made in sexual health care to date, the likely impact of reduced funding and why digital technology may be the antidote to the problem.…

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6PM announces major update to its market leader in sexual health management

6PM is pleased to announce a major upgrade to Lilie the leading sexual health management application offering customers a variety of richer features and benefits. Lilie was launched in 1999 and today is the market leading sexual and reproductive health software specifically designed to support multi-disciplinary teams treating sexual health and HIV patients whilst streamlining services and delivering cost savings. The application is installed across more than 130 sites in the UK.…

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Another three NHS Foundation Trusts opt for Lilie

Three trusts across the UK have opted to implement the leading sexual health computer software solution Lilie. To date 6PM is installed in more than 80 Trusts throughout the UK. Lilie will allow the trusts based in London, the East Midlands and the East of England to implement a wide range of sexual health and HIV services.…

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“Doing it yourself” in a sexual health clinic

Visiting a sexual health clinic can sometimes be a daunting and embarrassing experience for patients, especially if the appointment involves having to answer questions about your sex life! Touch screens can save this embarrassment as they replace the need to register at reception and answer those often humiliating questions aloud to the clinic reception staff in front of other people in the waiting room, allowing you to be completely honest and open about your reason to visit the clinic. Hence why 6PM has developed Lilie Touch, a touchscreen module that works alongside the Lilie system which improves the patient experience as well as reduces work load on services.…

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Booking sexual health appointments online - happier patients and lighter staff workload!

It is no secret that the internet continues to increasingly play a vital part in our lives ensuring that we remain connected at all times and generally making day-to-day life more simple and hassle free. Given that most people in the UK now have an internet connection at home or have smartphones and tablets, accessing the internet has never been easier and people can govern all aspects of their life from the comfort of their sofa. So why not provide them with the ability to book their sexual health appointment via the internet?…

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