3 Reasons why your hospital needs an RFID tracking system

With the ability to accurately and efficiently track documents, RFID (radio frequency identification) has become an essential tool for hospital management. By placing RFID tags on valuable assets and setting up the proper site-wide sensory infrastructure hospital staff can successfully locate said assets saving immense amounts of time and effort. This simple augmentation is the bedrock upon which other practical benefits of RFID tracking are realised.…

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Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust make significant improvements to the way they manage and track 1.3M Medical Records

The Trust is rolling out a programme that will see each set of medical records tagged with a small electronic label that contains a unique identification code (thanks to 6PM’s web based intelligent File and Inventory Tracking solution (iFIT)). Sensors across hospitals will use radio waves to track the notes as they move through the departments, meaning that they will be able to tell where each set of records are quickly and effectively.…

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