London Trust shares success of Idox asset tracking technology

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has shared its success following the rollout of Idox Health’s medical tracking software, describing it as ‘instrumental’ in revolutionising equipment management across the hospital site.

The implementation of iAssets – part of the iFIT logistics management suite – has delivered the tools needed to enable medical assets to be tracked, located and utilised far more efficiently than before.

With the support of iAssets, ward audits have been simplified, giving staff greater visibility and allowing equipment to be retrieved in a timely manner. The Trust has also been able to reduce procurement costs significantly, increase planned preventative rates by 15% and discontinue an £80,000 annual maintenance agreement after the solution identified the equipment covered was no longer in service.

Brian Long, Head of Medical Electronics at Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “iAssets has been instrumental in turning around our medical equipment management. We can now locate our equipment easily and quickly. In the past, if an item was moved out of the library or between departments in the middle of the night, we wouldn’t know where to find it in the morning.

“After implementation and when items were no longer going missing, we discovered that we were overstocked. We have been able to reduce our inventory procurement level by 25%.”

To find out more about the Trust’s rollout of iAssets and the benefits experienced, download the full case study here. You can also find out more about iAssets by visiting our dedicated solution pages.