An integrated records management system (IRM) that has been developed by 6PM, including paper records tracking and electronic document management will enable the UK National Health Service to save up to 80% on the costs related to the management of patient health records.

During a stockbrokers’ meeting, CEO of 6PM Ivan Bartolo described IRM as “a solution for today’s problems” adding that 6PM were integrating market leading technologies together to deliver business solutions.

IRM is an integration of the best of paper management solutions and the EDM solutions that are presently on the market. The paper management platform has been branded as 6PM’s Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT) solution. The solution was implemented at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust last year and more recently, St Georges NHS Trust has signed a contract to rollout the solution this year.

St George’s, that employs over 5,000 people, is the largest teaching hospital in the UK. Tracking and organisation of the medical records at the hospital cost an estimated GBP 5 million. In total there are 175 people employed in the department where 20 alone are in charge of looking for lost records. Another 45 employees pick up the files and file them in numerical order.

Thanks to IRM, a trolley full of files which used to take 3 hours to file on shelves, will now be filed in 5 minutes. Files are then tracked through a Motorola RFID system as they are transported around the hospital by strategically placed RFID sensors.

Deputy CEO Steve Wightman said that the GPB2 million contract is the result of 18 months of business development. He added that 6PM is now well on track with its product solutions business and aims to achieve its 2013 targets for the UK by June or September at the latest

Asked if the IRM has competition in the market, Steve Wightman said that although presently there are six competitors in the area of EDM, including EMC, the 6PM solution is unique in the way it tackles the paper management problem by using the iFIT platform and it is also being underpinned by the 6PM data warehouse solution. He said that this makes it very hard for people to copy.

6PM is in the meantime receiving requests to use the iFIT product in other areas where it can be used to track patients, assets, pharmaceutical supplies, the workforce and integrated communications.

During the meeting Ron Burdis, a Senior Healthcare Business Consultant, gave a more detailed explanation of the IRM solution for Medical Records saying that the solution could lead to savings of up to 80% of the costs. Mr Burdis also gave some figures demonstrating how many NHS Trusts were looking to adopt such an approach with 6PM.