iFIT™ goes South West

An NHS trust based in the South West of England is the latest to sign up to iFIT™, 6PM's healthcare logistics management system.

Built to drive efficiencies within the trust's Health Records Service and clinical community as well as to support the move towards Electronic Document Management (EDM), iFIT™ will empower the trust's employees to accurately track and manage patient records using RFID tagging.

The location-information and automation that iFIT™ will provide will result in significant improvements in the speed and efficiency at which required case notes will be retrieved for clinics. The trust will also benefit from released library space, audit trails, GS1 compliance and the delivery of important NHS cost improvement programme targets.

Furthermore, the RFID network that will be put in place within these regional hospitals will permit the trust to later utilise iFIT™ to track medical devices, beds, pharmaceuticals – anything that moves. This will provide further cost efficiencies, improve the service provided to the patient and reduce clinical risk.

A formal press release providing details of the NHS trust will be released in due course.