iFIT™ by 6PM awarded GS1 Certified Solution status

6PM’s iFIT™ solution has been certified by GS1 UK as capable of correctly and consistently implementing GS1 standards and associated best practice. 6PM will now be supporting Trusts across the UK in implementing the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy mandate [1].

iFIT supports hospitals via the use of modern logistics management technology to efficiently track and manage the records and assets processes throughout an organisation. Due to its component based implementation and multi-purpose functionality, iFIT™ can be used to track almost any item including assets, supplies, patients at risk, drugs, pathology specimens and more.

Hospitals are under great pressure to reduce costs and gain efficiency in every department. The iFIT business proposition provides an immediate cash releasing opportunity in service overheads while providing a multi-use tracking platform; it can be deployed at departmental level and then extend its scope leading to an increase in savings as more departments embrace the solution.

Ron Burdis, iFIT Business Unit Director at 6PM said: "6PM is a unique GS1 UK Member in that our iFIT solution has been certified for all six GS1 Identification Keys used within a Trust thus providing a common GS1 platform across the hospital to enable cost saving processes such as "Clinical Pathway Track and Trace" that will improve efficiency, clinical performance, the patient experience, patient care and patient safety."

Jonathan Brown, Partner Programme Manager at GS1 UK commented: “6PM really understands the importance of supporting better value and care in the NHS. We are delighted that iFIT™ is now a GS1 UK certified solution. The Government’s eProcurement Strategy requires the adoption of our standards throughout the NHS, providing a common language for identifying, locating, moving and trading medical supplies and assets. We look forward to working closely with 6PM as part of our drive to help Trusts achieve world class supply chain operations.”

About GS1 UK

GS1 UK is a community of over 28,000 members working in retail, foodservice, healthcare and more. GS1 UK is one of 112 independent, not-for-profit GS1 organisations operating across 150 countries worldwide. GS1 UK helps everyone involved in making, moving and trading goods, automate and standardise their supply chain processes using the common language of GS1 global standards.

GS1 standards are at the heart of the NHS drive to make UK healthcare safer and more efficient. These standards enable you to identify, capture and share information using consistent data – whether it relates to pharmaceutical products, medical supplies or patient records. Speaking the same language throughout the healthcare industry, from manufacture and distribution through to hospital wards, cuts errors, reduces costs and boosts efficiency. The result? Better, safer care for the patient.