iFIT advances into Scotland

Since iFIT™ was first adopted by an NHS trust in 2013 several more trusts across England have joined in embracing 6PM's modern logistics management technology and are currently using it to track and manage their health records and hospital assets. Today, 6PM is pleased to announce the signing on of its first Scottish NHS client for iFIT™ records tracking.

The location-information and efficiencies that iFIT™ will provide will result in significant improvements in patient services, patient safety and information governance compliance; whilst at the same time delivering important targets for NHS cost improvement programmes. It will also be the first site in Scotland to become GS1 compliant within Health Records

Furthermore, the RFID network that shall be put in place within these regional hospitals will permit the health board to later utilise iFIT™ to track medical devices, beds, wheelchairs, samples – anything that moves. This will provide further cost efficiencies, improve the service provided to the patient and reduce clinical risk.