Idox Health launches asset logistics management solution

NHS Trusts will benefit from an enhanced digital service that provides a holistic view of all hospital assets – from syringe pumps to beds – to help clinicians reduce clinical risk, improve patient care and boost productivity.

Launched last week, the latest version of Idox Health’s asset logistics management solution – iAssets – provides a 360-degree view of a hospital’s equipment, delivering timely information that enables staff to quickly review asset location, availability, usage frequency, patient allocation and safety.

Not only will this help to reduce clinical time spent looking for equipment (estimated by The Nursing Times to typically take up to 30 minutes of every shift), but also it provides Trusts with the insight needed to help maximise asset availability, reduce procurement spend and ensure compliance through a more coordinated approach to asset management.

By scanning barcodes with handheld devices, the solution’s mobile barcode trackers allow staff to link medical devices to a location and to a patient wristband. The Scan4Safety supporting feature on the handheld device confirms whether a device is safe to use within its planned preventative maintenance and sterilisation cycle, ensuring clinical safety. iAssets also has the functionality to allow staff to gather the utilisation rates of assets Trust-wide, which is essential for re-procurement and capital expenditure planning and to drive savings.

Fully compliant to all seven GS1 keys, iAssets complies with the most recent mandate from the UK Department of Health and is part of the iFIT logistics management suite.

If you would like to schedule a demo of iAssets, email the team at or click here to learn more about the full iFIT suite of solutions.