Homerton starts tracking its medical devices through 6PM’s iFIT platform

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which has been using iFIT for the tracking and management of health records since July 2014, recently extended its investment on the existing RFID infrastructure and iFIT platform to be able to track medical devices across clinic areas and stores.

Through 6PM’s iFIT iAssets product the Trust will achieve improved visibility on the movements of its medical devices ensuring that there is a reduction in effort currently needed to locate these medical devices for provision to clinic areas as well as maintenance and servicing. The Trust will also benefit from a reduction in occurrences where medical devices are put “out of life” as they cannot be located and thus replacements need to be procured.

From a clinical perspective iFIT iAssets will help ensure that the right medical devices are in the right place when needed. This contributes to better quality of care, which is one of the strategic objectives for the Trust.

iFIT iAssets automatically tracks physical assets around the hospital through the use of RFID infrastructure and passive RFID tags that are associated with each asset. Visibility and management of such movements is easily achieved through the product’s user interface with additional functionality available on mobile RFID-enabled devices to facilitate auditing processes and detection of assets.