High-quality data transforms the way clinicians work

by Rodianne Degabriele Ferriggi, Marketing Executive

Digitisation of healthcare is moving apace and the appetite for high-quality clinical information in the National Health Service (NHS) has never been higher. The current set of reforms is entirely predicated on the availability of good quality, timely information to manage and commission effectively.

Managing the daily tasks as a clinician is not an easy task. Knowing that everyday is definitely not going to be the same, clinicians are in need of help when it comes to controlling processes and managing huge amounts of patients’ data. A fully digital system would let them focus on providing the best patient care possible, where the same data is used through linkage to the Office for National Statistics to monitor hospital mortality by the calculation of the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio augmented by the Standardised Hospital Mortality Index. The success of the outcomes framework requires good-quality data.

A&E must be a central component of this. Better data can help hospitals tackle key issues and start to unblock some of the wider issues affecting the health service. The four-hour waiting time standard can also be tackled with the right data available straight away. Other main functional areas that can benefit from such technology include Inpatients and Outpatients, Waiting Lists and also Radiology, Pathology, Critical Care and Maternity.

Having access to secure, fast and reliable results based on higher quality data can reap huge benefits for hospitals using the best data management and processing engine. Some benefits include; better patient care achieved by improved record keeping and accessibility to vital information, improved clinical governance, lower administration costs, reduction in storage costs for not having useless information, increase in floor space availability, faster audit and financial reporting performance.

The issuing of reports available within the same systems will also cover various areas in demand across the NHS, covering monthly statutory returns and other operational reports. The NHS transformation envisaged over the next few years needs to be predicated on accurate information. It is data that will provide the required information for evidence-based change.

About CareSolutions™:

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