Funding cuts. What 6PM are doing to help?

by Jordan Arkell, Clinical Products Sales Executive & Jordanna Lane, Clinical Products Sales Executive

Reading the news last week and discovering that the NHS is set to ‘worsen’ due to necessary cost efficiencies of £22bn by 2020-21, concerns have been raised that these cuts will be made at service level; ultimately, resulting in a detrimental effect on patient care including bed cuts, treatment rations, reorganisation of services and potential closures in a vain attempt to improve patient care.

Services are being asked to find savings and efficiencies in order to meet with financial targets set by former Chancellor George Osbourne and NHS England head Simon Stevens. With the ever increasing population in the UK, demand for services is only going to increase. Disappointingly, many think the NHS will be unable to find the £22bn productivity savings that George Osborne demands.

What are 6PM doing to help?

6PM believe innovation and technology are the key. Our software solutions are tried and tested and already in place in many NHS Trusts providing efficiencies and cost savings throughout the UK. More importantly, they are largely designed by employees within the NHS who understand exactly what is required and how such applications need to behave in a Healthcare setting.

6PM has a suite of products are all designed with time saving, efficiency and ease of use in mind some of which are listed below. Click on the link to read in more detail about the cost savings they can give you.

  • iFIT (Logistics Management for Healthcare) will significantly reduce the costs of managing anything that moves, whether it be Records, Patients, Staff, Supplies, Assets etc..   No private sector organisation could even contemplate running efficiently without the knowledge of where such items are and how they are being utilised.  Many NHS Trusts are reaching the same conclusion, as did the Carter Report, and are now achieving significant savings using this application.
  • Lilie Sexual Health Management System is specifically designed to support multi-disciplinary teams treating sexual health and HIV patients whilst streamlining your services and delivering the cost savings you need.
  • Climate-HIV is a specialised EPR for HIV patients which provides the whole clinical team with fast access to patient data, helps educate the patient, halves the administration needed to write GP letters and referrals, whilst recording all the patient information in one place.
  • Our new addition, iReach - provides data that’s accurate, consistent and complete. It is an information management tool, built hand-in-hand with NHS trusts specifically for sexual health. iReach is fully configurable through its ergonomic graphical interface and with great flexibility data can be processed to produce trusted superior data from any source regardless of size, data format, platform or technology.

Let’s not cut services, let’s make them more efficient!