First Scottish iFIT™ installation to be rolled out in Tayside

6PM is pleased to announce the signing on of NHS Tayside to invest in 6PM’s intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT™) system.

Tayside has chosen to deploy and use the RFID supported tracking system to better manage their Health Records services within the Angus, Perth and Kinross and City of Dundee areas. It will be the first Health Board in Scotland to do so. By installing RFID readers in each site’s records libraries and key entrance and exit points, it will be made possible for records staff to track and locate tagged health records as they move around the buildings, reducing occurrences of missing records. The tracking process will be further supported by handheld ‘RFID guns’ that can locate sought-after items from a range of 5 feet, significantly improving the speed and ease with which missing items can be traced without disturbing the occupants of areas being searched.

The solution will also involve a redesign in the way that Tayside files its records. With iFIT™ all locations are assigned GLN location codes, providing immediate GS1 barcode standard compliance and introducing location based filing; a filing system which will improve filing efficiency by eliminating pre-sorting and other manual tracking activities. This redesign will offer immediate efficiency savings in tracking, pulling, re-filing, auditing and staffing expenditures as well as assisting the Health Board meet NHS directives.

6PM believes that it is essential to have health records in a known and visible state so that informed decisions can be made about how records should be dealt with, including conforming to retention policies and national guidelines. iFIT™ will work seamlessly alongside Tayside’s Intersystem TrackCare EPR (when it is introduced in 2017) and will provide a platform for managing a future scanning and EDM program, in addition to significantly contributing to the building of Tayside’s GS1 roadmap.

By incorporating a full review of operational and day-to-day business processes within Health Records, NHS Tayside will improve their dedication to patient care and safety, and realise quality and cost avoidance savings.  In the future, the solution will also permit the Health Board to utilise iFIT™ to track medical devices, beds, wheelchairs, samples – anything that moves. This will provide further cost efficiencies, improve the service provided to the patient and reduce clinical risk.

Stuart Keys, Clinical Services Manager at NHS Tayside said “NHS Tayside’s Health Records staff take a great pride in the service they deliver, providing health records for patients admitted to hospitals in emergencies and for more than half a million planned appointments each year. “We look forward to realising the potential time and space savings that will be made with iFIT.”

6PM’s Deputy CEO Steve Wightman said “The iFIT platform will undoubtedly transform the way Medical Records operates within the Hospital.  More importantly, it will provide them the basis for a GS1 compliant enterprise wide Logistics Management platform to manage anything that moves more effectively.”