Every cloud has a silver lining – why moving to the cloud is the future for your sexual health clinic

by Joanne Shrimpton, Marketing Executive, Idox Health

Why is there a move to cloud computing?

There seems to be a lot of noise about cloud computing but what is it and what does it mean to a sexual health clinic? 

Keeping your IT infrastructure in line and up to date can be a challenge. There are three points you need to know. Firstly, your software is currently installed on every PC in the clinic.  Some of these PCs could be quite old and have trouble working at the same speed that you are working. You don’t have time as it is, and you need your computer to keep up the pace. Slow PCs can slow you down which is frustrating and in addition, the upkeep of all these PCs is costly on an already tight budget.

Secondly, what you might not know is that your software needs to be installed on a server somewhere in your trust, meaning your trust’s IT department has to be involved in the upkeep. There are costs involved here too. The cost of the server, cost to the IT department to keep it current, all servers tend to be on a 5-year replacement schedule and in addition, even the electricity and air conditioning to prevent over-heating should be considered.

And thirdly, should you have an issue with the software, who do you turn to first? Your IT department to find out whether it’s a PC issue, or to the software vendor?  It shouldn’t have to be like this, you are busy enough. You should be able to raise one support call.

It can be hard to get your service onto a firm and future-proof footing from an IT perspective, particularly if needs are evolving fast and time, budgets and resources are limited. But as time marches on with these limited resources, you can only extend the life of old systems and minimise upgrade activity for so long before complexity and inefficiency get you in the end. Cloud computing has been designed to make life simpler. Lilie, available on an Idox Health hosted environment, is your solution. 

How does Lilie hosted reduce my costs and increase reliability?

With Lilie as a hosted managed service you pay for what you need. You can predict your costs which allows for more accurate budgeting, especially when compared to the costs of an internal IT department managing upgrades and addressing issues. Your Lilie application can be delivered to your users without the need to invest in your own servers, infrastructure or complex networks. Idox Health maintains the server and software, so there is no need for you to invest in a server, server upkeep and repair, server replacement, cabling, cooling, space or cost of skills. All you need is a Windows 7 or higher PC and an active connection from the client computer to the N3 network. Idox Health offers 24/7 infrastructure support and 99.99% uptime – all covered in a set annually fee. 

Is it really that simple?

Yes.  Once you have signed up to Lilie as a hosted service, Idox Health can complete all migration work out of hours to minimise any impact on end users. We maintain the servers and keep them current. The databases are backed up daily saving your IT department another task. 

Is it safe? Is the patient's data secure?

Yes. Lilie is hosted in two data centres across two geographic locations which means you can relax. The data is mirrored across the sites, so if one site experiences service disruption, the second will take over automatically ensuring that you are up and running again with minimum disruption. Warning – technical bit now – both data centres are connected to the N3 network and serve the application through RDS using SSL to ensure that all data in transit is encrypted. Idox Health is ISO 27001 compliant to give you complete peace of mind.

The future of software

Lilie on a hosted environment represents the best fit for both your short and longer-term needs. We ensure your IT system is always reliable, is simpler and easier to manage, is secure and stable with a single point of contact should you have any issues, is flexible for growth and more importantly, is extremely cost efficient.  At Idox Health, we believe we grow together – supporting you today whilst planning for your future needs. 

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