The Trust is rolling out a programme that will see each set of medical records tagged with a small electronic label that contains a unique identification code (thanks to 6PM’s web based intelligent File and Inventory Tracking solution (iFIT)). Sensors across hospitals will use radio waves to track the notes as they move through the departments, meaning that they will be able to tell where each set of records are quickly and effectively.


As the records pass the sensors, the tracking information will be recorded in real time, without manual intervention. Once the programme is in use across the organisation (the project will begin at Epsom initially) the hospitals will stop using the current casenote tracking system on the patient administration system (iPM).
Trying to locate missing notes is an avoidable, time consuming process. iFIT will now help the Trust reduce that to an absolute minimum. And, with handheld electronic trackers, the medical records team will be able to find a single set of notes in the libraries, or in offices where a lot of notes are stored.

The technology will also provide a full audit trail of activity for information governance compliance. Instant savings will be made in the tracking, pulling, re-filing, preparing and auditing of patient’s records, while providing Epsom and St Helier with a multi-use Radio Frequency Identify tags (RFID) Sensor Grid and platform for future tracking and managing of physical assets and supplies across the Trust.

Chrisha Alagaratnam, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Finance and Performance at Epsom and St Helier says:- “Of course, that is not only good news for our staff, but our patients too – having a full set of patients notes is absolutely vital to the care we provide, and means that we can run our clinics without delay.”

Steve Wightman, Deputy CEO of 6PM plc commented:- “Being awarded this contract is a great achievement for our team who continue to show innovation and solution design, providing a solution that truly provides business benefit and an outstanding return on investment to the Trust”.