East Sussex Healthcare now on track with iFIT™

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is now live with iFIT, 6PM’s solution for healthcare logistics management. iFIT was selected by East Sussex as it was seen as essential to the provision of a fit for purpose Health Records department prior to launching their planned 2016 move towards a full electronic patient record. The Trust will have full paper records inventory, under full control and rationalisation, identifying all records, temporary files, volumes and duplicates and where they are all located. This is seen as an essential pre-cursor to the digitisation process. All location barcodes printed from iFIT are GS1 compliant, with the Trust’s unique GS1 prefix. iFIT will deliver the information governance and GS1 compliance that will complement the Trust’s overall EDM strategy both operationally and financially. 

Through a rolling programme that started in August 2015 all active health records will be tagged with a radio frequency (RFID) tag. This rolling programme will eliminate the historical issue of separate filing systems from the previously merged Trusts and make filing of records easier as they no longer need pre-sorting and can be placed directly back on the shelf in any order and tracked to the shelf location barcode.

With iFIT, the tracking process across the Trust will be further supported by electronic hand held ‘RFID guns’ - devices that can locate individual misplaced files immediately within a 360 degrees radius and a 5 foot reach without disturbing the area occupants. This will improve the speed and efficiency to hunt down files needed for future appointments. In addition there are sensors located in key areas around Eastbourne District and Conquest Hospital sites, to automatically track the movement of health records, in real time, as they move around the estate and between the locations. The improved case note tracking has resulted in a reduction in missing notes, cancelled OP and IP appointments, leading to an improved patient experience. 

Janice Horton-Wood, the Health Records and Administration Manager at East Sussex Healthcare said, “We are already seeing a significant improvement in the way health records are managed. Filing and retrieval is quick and accurate. More users are tracking records which will only enhance the safety of our patients and the support from the 6PM team whilst in the transitional period, has been exceptional.”

iFIT will assist the Trust in mitigating against health and safety issues within the Health Records Department. Steve Wightman, Deputy CEO of 6PM plc commented: “The implementation of iFIT has been a seamless one thanks to the dedication of both teams. iFIT will now provide the right environment and stepping stone for the Trust to make the transition to their strategic aspirations of a full digital health record in a timely and cost effective manner.”