“Doing it yourself” in a sexual health clinic

by Jordan Arkell, Clinical Products Sales Executive

Visiting a sexual health clinic can sometimes be a daunting and embarrassing experience for patients, especially if the appointment involves having to answer questions about your sex life! Touch screens can save this embarrassment as they replace the need to register at reception and answer those often humiliating questions aloud to the clinic reception staff in front of other people in the waiting room, allowing you to be completely honest and open about your reason to visit the clinic. Hence why 6PM has developed Lilie Touch, a touchscreen module that works alongside the Lilie system which improves the patient experience as well as reduces work load on services.

How do touch screens speed up the patient flow through clinic?

Lilie Touch can ask sensitive questions, such a ‘How many sexual partners have you had in the last 3 months?’ and ‘How many times have you had unprotected sex?’ etc. Consequently reducing embarrassment for the patient and ultimately providing more honest answers than if they were asked directly by a clinician. As a result, the level of treatment the patient receives is of a higher standard and clinicians can ensure that time spent together is qualitative and centred around the questions/answers that they provide on the touchscreen. All information input onto the Lilie Touch software is securely uploaded into Lilie and logged against the patient. By asking the questions before the appointment, this could severely reduce the time spent in consultation and as a result, ensure that services can see and treat more patients.

As well as encouraging patients to answer sensitive questions accurately, the system can also be used to assist with busy clinics. Lilie Touch allows patients to self-register their arrival in clinic for pre-booked appointments, manage large numbers of walk ins as well as creating records for new patients. This reduces transcription errors and saves time for reception staff having to input this data into the Lilie system manually.

Overall, the Lilie Touch module is another useful and innovative module complimenting the Lilie suite; and is used to encourage patient centric care and aid busy clinics, saving both money and time.