Cloud computing for HIV services. How can it help you increase “communication” with peers in your HIV network?

by Joanne Shrimpton, Marketing Executive, Idox Health

What is the cloud? 

You are probably using cloud computing already. When you watch a TV show or film “on demand”, you are using “the cloud”. The film is stored in “the cloud” and you watch it over the internet; it isn’t downloaded to your TV or set up box. Cloud computing is similar. Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services — servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and much more, over the Internet (“the cloud”) or, in the case of Idox Health, over the secure NHS N3 network. Your organisation no longer needs to invest in and maintain servers, storage, databases, networking and software. Similar to how you might pay for your TV package at home, you pay a monthly fee based on usage or, how many patients you have annually.

How does cloud computing help our HIV service share data?

For a moment, let’s forget about the significant cost savings and the stable IT footing that cloud computing offers and concentrate on how Climate-HIV in the cloud, can help your service and your patients.

Increased coordination and collaboration among HIV services is necessary to increase patient care and meet the goals of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and clinical commissioners. Climate-HIV in the cloud enables all services using the software – whether they are the HIV service, trust or Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – the ability to work together, network and share access to high-quality data. Whatever the size of your HIV service, it doesn’t need to operate in isolation; it can be part of a network. Each HIV service has its own data and highly-specialised clinical management software, with all the benefits to the patient and trust you’d expect, whilst ensuring effective ongoing management of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment that enables patients to achieve and maintain undetectable levels of the virus. 

The centrally-hosted solution gives HIV services the ability to see and share high-quality patient information should they wish to do so. With Climate-HIV, you can just “turn on the permission switch”, and your patient’s data can be seen by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), seen by a colleague if a patient is sick and you need to get a second opinion, or transferred if the patient has moved to another clinic. Since the data is secure and delivered over the NHS N3 network, it’s very easy for participating HIV services to request the sharing of data.

Additionally, from a regional perspective, this solution allows the CCGs to have a high-level view of service delivery across the region, giving them the ability to:

·         review and compare performance;

·         monitor commitment to regional directives;

·         monitor outcomes;

·         regional and national reporting e.g. HIV and AIDS Reporting System (HARS) and Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN);

·         report against local or regional activities;

·         enable inter-action between Trust and community-based services; and

·         measure the local and regional HIV service deliverables to their designated communities.

Is the patient’s data secure?

Yes, Climate-HIV is hosted in two military-grade data centres situated in two geographic locations. The data is mirrored across the sites, so if one site experiences service disruption, the second will automatically take over ensuring that you are up and running again with minimum disruption. Both data centres are connected to the N3 network and serve the application through a Remote Desktop Session (RDS) using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure that all data in transit is encrypted. Idox Health is ISO 27001 compliant to give you complete peace of mind.

How can Climate-HIV in the cloud reduce costs and increase clinic revenue?

At a pharmaceutical level, HIV care often accounts for as much as 40% of the drugs budget for the whole trust, depending on the size of the cohort. This means that despite the small numbers within the HIV cohort, the cost of care per patient is significantly more expensive than costs of care elsewhere in the Trust. Climate-HIV can provide all the medication and financial information for an individual’s treatment plan, for example, any duplication of prescriptions which could increase costs, prediction of run-out times and assistance for pharmacists and business managers to monitor, control and forecast the usage and costs of drugs from a daily basis to annual requirements.

Is it really that simple?

Climate-HIV is fully hosted so you don’t have to worry about IT. The software can be deployed easily since no client PC installations are required, hence reducing the initial investment in IT infrastructure.

The hosted solution ensures software updates and backups are carried out “behind the scenes”, so there are no costs associated with client installations and the involvement of your IT department resources is reduced. This also means that when the number of users increase, no further investment in hardware, bandwidth or resources is required. Keeping your IT on a strong, up-to-date and future-proof footing is essential for the NHS, and particularly important since the recent ransomware attack.

The future of HIV services is here.

Climate-HIV is suitable for small and large clinics; since it is cloud based, you pay a subscription, therefore you pay according to your usage. At Idox Health, we believe we grow together – supporting you today, whilst planning and accounting for your future needs.

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