Climate-HIV goes live at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

6PM’s CareSolutions™ Climate-HIV is now live at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and will soon be used for clinical management support of their HIV care.

Climate-HIV is a specialized electronic care record (ECR) system for HIV medicine which follows the clinical work streams of the HIV team to support efficient communication within multi-disciplinary, collaborative team operations in providing patient-centered care. Climate-HIV, makes it easier and safer to prescribe, document patient encounters, write clinical letters and code diagnoses. Additionally, it was the first HARS compliant solution to enable the HIV-Aids Reporting System being operated on behalf of Public Health England. This is an automated process which will greatly reduce the workload of staff in generating this and other statutory reporting requirements.

From a pharmaceutical perspective, Climate-HIV enables the management of costly medications. The workload of the clinician in generating prescriptions, the pharmacists screening and processing of these items and the collection by patients can be managed via the system. This enables the clinic to monitor usage of drugs, budget for current and future requirements and ensures that the clinic is able to operate in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.

Steve Wightman, Deputy CEO of 6PM said: “Pennine is a significant center for HIV treatment and strategic hub for 6PM in the North West. The Trust and 6PM staff have worked extremely hard in a genuine partnership to get this solution delivered and it is a great delight to see it go live.”

Dr Andrew Ustianowski, Consultant in infectious diseases, at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We are about to start utilising Climate-HIV for our direct patient interactions and very much expect, and indeed look forward to, significant benefits in terms of documentation, governance, research and communication.”