Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust chooses iFIT™ by 6PM

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has become the latest in a number of NHS Trusts in the UK to invest in 6PM’s product iFIT.

The intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT™) system provides the tools for hospitals to manage physical paper health records, supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, physical assets and more. As Barnsley realises the flexibility and scalability of iFIT, they will be able to utilise iFIT to trace items of particular value to the Trust.

iFIT will immediately empower Medical Records staff with modern logistics management technology, enabling them to track and manage records using RFID tagging. RFID readers in corridors, wards and treatment areas detect and record interactions, drastically reducing the occurrences of lost or missing records.

Trying to locate missing notes is an avoidable, time consuming process. iFIT will help Barnsley reduce that to an absolute minimum; using handheld electronic trackers, the medical records team will easily be able to find a set of notes whether in the library, offices or other clinical areas across the Trust. Barnsley is the latest hospital to join those other Trusts that have already streamlined this labour intensive logistics process.

The technology provides a full audit trail of activity for information governance compliance. Instant benefits will be realised in the tracking, pulling, re-filing, preparing & auditing of patients’ records and will enable the Trust to maximise their records library storage space utilisation and enhance the working environment for their records staff.

Steve Wightman, Deputy CEO of 6PM plc commented, “This contract at Barnsley Hospital represents another milestone in the innovation and partnership that 6PM brings to the NHS. Barnsley Hospital will reap the benefits from iFIT in the Medical Records department. It will provide a better patient experience by guaranteeing the right documents are in the right place at the right time, every time and the NHS Trust will be able to build on the infrastructure for many more applications of the technology. We are looking forward to working with Barnsley on the initial deployment of iFIT in Medical Records and expanding on the solution and relationship in the coming years.”

Jason Bradley, Director of ICT at Barnsley said “This is another step forward for the Trust in using new technologies to help us improve our service delivery. Initially this will help us provide a more efficient service for our paper medical records, but it will also help us understand how we use paper today, and how we can become increasingly paperless.”

“From day one the Medical Records department could see an immediate benefit; the libraries had become ‘over crowded’ with case notes and this posed quite a significant health and safety risk.

iFIT has enabled us to move from strict numerical to location based filing within our libraries and this has all but eliminated the risk. Staff are also reporting that the system is quick and easy to use, much better that the previous method. Once all records are tagged and the fixed RFID network is operation, we will see more efficiency in the whole clinic preparation process,” commented Carol Cunliffe, Medical Records Manager at the Trust.”