Another three NHS Foundation Trusts opt for Lilie

Three trusts across the UK have opted to implement the leading sexual health computer software solution Lilie. To date 6PM is installed in more than 80 Trusts throughout the UK. Lilie will allow the trusts based in London, the East Midlands and the East of England to implement a wide range of sexual health and HIV services.

Lilie is a fully scalable Electronic Patient Record system (EPR) used to capture outpatient activity, diagnoses and treatments for genitourinary medicine (GUM) patients. Having all the patients' data in an EPR system provides all the clinic team members with fast access to patient data greatly reducing administration functions. All audit and quality measures are incorporated automatically to reduce clinical risks and improve the quality of the sexual health service.

Lilie core is the base application which is a full EPR system with comprehensive patient communication, statutory reporting required by the UK government i.e. HARS, SRHAD and GUMCAD, ad hoc report generation and totally secure.

Additional modules include Contraceptive & Reproductive Health which is a secure and efficient way to manage Contraceptive and Reproductive Health data and services; Chlamydia Screening providing exceptional NCSP data capture and reporting facilities; Prescribing which includes the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (DM+D); SMS Texting is an effective way to improve patient communications and reduce DNA rates; Touchscreen allows the patient to announce their arrival in clinic and discretely enter personal data; Internet Booking to empower patients with time-saving, secure appointment management; Lab Communications for fast and secure ways to order laboratory tests and receive results and Collect for collecting patient data using mobile devices within an outreach environment.