6PM secures further sales with iFIT™

During the first two months of 2014 6PM have secured further sales of their iFIT™ platforms with more NHS Trusts. One of the new clients is already in contract while the other two NHS Trusts are currently finalising contracts. The Trusts will initially be using the platform to track medical records but are already planning a rollout to track assets, Pathology samples and vulnerable patients.

Commenting on the deals, Steve Wightman, Deputy CEO of 6PM said: “These new contracts are very significant for 6PM as one of the clients was awarded the contract as a result of the ‘safer hospitals’ fund being allocated to them by the Department of Health that clearly recognised the value of the iFIT platform. In addition, the new contracts also include one of the largest NHS Trusts in the country employing over 10,000 people.” Further details will be released when contracts are signed and authorisation for publication is given by the clients.

6PM’s iFIT Solution gives hospitals the tools to manage their paper-based health records alongside their physical assets including medical equipment, medical supplies, porters, etc. Underpinning iFIT is the basic principle that any paper record or physical asset which moves around hospital locations can be tagged and tracked, allowing for a full audit trail.

iFIT allows for immediate cash-releasing opportunities in library overheads. By attaching Radio Frequency Identify passive (RFID) tags to the patient’s health records and fixed RFID readers in key traffic areas around the hospital, patient records can be tracked through their movements round the hospital.

iFIT offers an integrated paper management system, improves information governance by providing a full audit trail of records, actively improves statutory reporting and reduces administration overheads.