6PM Holdings plc has successfully concluded the sale of three CareSolutions™ Climate–HIV management solutions to trusts that form part of the National Health Service in the UK.

The CareSolutions™ Climate product is a specialised Electronic Care Record (ECR) system for HIV medicine. It makes it easier and safer to prescribe and document patient encounters through the ability to write clinic letters, code diagnoses, extract data for audit purposes, service planning, commissioning and research. The continuous development of Climate-HIV is a joint venture between North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and 6PM plc.

Back in December, the Deputy CEO of 6PM Holdings plc Steve Wightman had announced, in an interview with The Times, that 6PM was close to naming a new client for its Climate-HIV solution.

CEO of 6PM Holdings PLC Ivan Bartolo said: “While in December 2012 we had predicted one sale of this unique product, we can confirm that we have been entrusted with three projects giving us a great head start.”

6PM Holdings plc has also won a competitive bid in the UK and is now in the process to be awarded a major Integrated Records Management (IRM) project with one of the UK’s largest hospitals within the NHS. The contract value is worth over £2 million. Full details of the contract will be released in due course.

The CEO of 6PM Holdings plc said: “The climate at 6PM is vibrant and positive. With our achievements with the CareSolutions™ Climate-HIV sales, the IRM Tender, a great IRM sales pipeline and our prospects for our CareSolutions™ Strokepad solution, we are very confident that by the end of this quarter we will achieve 50% of our entire orders target for 2013. 6PM is also growing its annuity business.”

“Our challenge now is to deliver our sales, continue to positively take our brand to market and complete our 2013 sales target by the end of June 2013,” Ivan Bartolo said.