6PM announces major update to its market leader in sexual health management

6PM is pleased to announce a major upgrade to Lilie the leading sexual health management application offering customers a variety of richer features and benefits.

Lilie was launched in 1999 and today is the market leading sexual and reproductive health software specifically designed to support multi-disciplinary teams treating sexual health and HIV patients whilst streamlining services and delivering cost savings. The application is installed across more than 130 sites in the UK.

Lilie focuses on the entire patient journey from first presentation through to testing and subsequent treatment with a key focus on patient safety whilst improving clinical processes. The new version:

  • Ensures only the relevant questions are displayed - Dynamic Forms change, validate and evolve as you enter data. If you enter that the patient is female, all the female related questions will appear on the consultation screen.
  • Allows clinicians to spend more time with your patient and offer increased quality of care - inputting patient data is less time consuming due to the evolving screens removing irrelevant and repeated questions.
  • Clinical safety enhancements have been added so that share codes ensure that timely and relevant responses from previously completed consultations can be shared and pre-populate forms automatically. This avoids having to repeat questions and gives the patient a better experience whilst improving the quality of data that is collected.
  • Includes patient banner with key patient data - patient identification has been improved through the inclusion of a patient banner, which displays key data at the top of every Dynamic Form, following the NHS Common User Interface (CUI) guidelines.
  • Is easier to configure and maintain - Dynamic Forms are created using a user friendly drag-and-drop editor making it instinctive and simple to create and maintain consultation forms.

Dean Bennett, Software Development Director at 6PM Group said “For years we’ve successfully strived to ensure Lilie is highly flexible to meet our customers’ needs. The inclusion of Dynamic Forms in the latest version of Lilie has furthered our commitment to our clients by providing a feature that, I believe, will help transform further all sexual health consultations.”