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With more than 10 million patient records and medical devices being tracked, over 100,000 patients being serviced with sexual healthcare products in more than 140 sites across the UK, Idox Health is a market leader within the UK healthcare technology sector. Here are some of our stories:

The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

 The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals  - NHS Foundation Trust

One of the 10% best performing and largest teaching hospital trusts in the UK, providing in-patient and emergency care to over 500,000 people and also managing 1.1 million outpatient appointments annually. Newcastle, which transports thousands of case notes from one location to another daily, has described iFIT as a revolution in their medical records department. It has streamlined the department making it effective, cost-efficient and successful in ensuring that case notes are always available when patients need them. 

What's Said:

"This is all about patient safety. It’s about making sure we have the case notes available when the patient needs them and when they attend our trust to make their care as safe as possible."

Gordon Elder
Outpatient and Medical Records Manager, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, England

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals

NHS Trust

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals - NHS Trust

Idox Health has enabled the London trust to completely transform the management of its patient records by implementing comprehensive process management and real-time data reporting. Adopting iFIT during challenging times, the solution’s successes and financial benefits (including a net saving of £2.4m across three years) have helped the trust emerge from special measures, be nominated for an award and improve its services to its over 700,000 annual outpatients.

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St George’s University Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

St George’s University Hospitals  - NHS Foundation Trust

The most experienced organisation using iFIT, this major trust is one of the largest hospital and community health service providers in the UK. The trust serves southwest London and significant populations from Surrey and Sussex, totalling about 3.5 million people. An iFIT pioneer, St George’s works hand in hand with Idox Health to realise the maximum benefit the integrated solution can offer. 

What's Said:

"iFIT has allowed us to make significant savings within the trust. Our close collaboration means access to highly customised and efficient solutions to record keeping challenges which fit the changing environment of the NHS. Specifically, staff reduction, more efficient pulling, higher rates of found missing files and reduced temporary set creation. We are very happy with our customer service and account manager."

Simon Clayton
Assistant Health Records Manager, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Northumbria Healthcare

NHS Foundation Trust

Northumbria Healthcare - NHS Foundation Trust

Rated “Outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission in 2016 and delivering sexual Health and HIV services to over 37,000 patients annually, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is one of the longest users of Lilie. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust's sexual health services is a dynamic evolving integrated model providing a “one stop shop” for the communities GUM and contraceptive needs.

What's Said:

"The best thing about Lilie is the people behind the application, their support and care shown to their customers."

Clare Pope
ICT Lead/Administration Manager, Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust

North Middlesex University Hospital

NHS Trust

North Middlesex University Hospital - NHS Trust

North Middlesex University Hospital’s Alexander Pringle Centre provides health services for people living with HIV. 

The Alexander Pringle Centre, based at the hospital in Sterling Way, Edmonton, serves around 1200 people with HIV, mostly living in Enfield and Haringey. It provides diagnosis, treatment and long-term support in an inclusive and culturally sensitive way. Climate-HIV is a joint venture between Idox Health and the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust.

What's Said:

"Patients with HIV often require a range of tests and can suffer from a wide variety of complications. If that is all stored in different IT systems and paper records, you need a lot of time to review all the details. I have more time talking to my patient, because I have all the information on the screen with Climate-HIV. It is safer because we won’t miss important details, and the patient can see the benefits of their treatment on the screen with some helpful graphs. Climate-HIV fits to the doctor’s actions like a glove fits to a surgeon’s hands."

Dr Achim Schwenk
Consultant Physician in HIV Medicine, North Middlesex University Hospital

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

NHS Foundation Trust

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - NHS Foundation Trust

Idox Health has partnered with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to create the award-winning Dean Street Express. Lilie software is the fundamental core which links together all the services provided at Dean Street, making screening easier, quicker and more discrete than ever before through the use of a touchscreen check-in, self-taken tests and fast bloods with minimal staff interaction ensuring a convenient and innovative service. The Dean Street Express service delivers STI test results to patients within hours, rather than days, for a number of STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, and syphilis. 

What's Said:

"We worked with 6PM to develop customised elements for the Lilie sexual health system. These bespoke solutions for the Dean Street Express service have allowed us to create efficient patient focused solution that facilitates self-directed care. I was really impressed with the commitment and professionalism of the development team, and we’re delighted with the award winning results. Not only is it solution that works well for us, our patients love it."

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