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Having the 6PM team on site during the recent upgrade to iFIT 2.0 helped them see how we use iFIT in the real world and why certain functionality is so important to us. We also had the opportunity to discuss future development which should help to build and strengthen the product and improve our efficiency and working practices.

Philip J Stone
Medical Records Manager, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

We selected the 6PM solution as they provided a proven track record in delivering complete RFID tracking services for medical records and their approach to the establishment of the scanning service was proven and comprehensive.

John-Jo Campbell
Head of IT, St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust

We selected iFIT because we wanted to be able to locate notes and reduce the amount of temporary files being sent to clinic. iFIT now gives us a better image of our medical records in general.

Marie Pulham
Medical Records Supervisor, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

iFIT has improved the visibility and availability of case notes across the organisation, improving the patient experience and dramatically reducing the number of case notes that are not available for clinic. 6PM is efficient and knowledgeable and iFIT has revolutionised the medical records service.

Debbie Banks
Outpatients and Medical Records Deputy Manager, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

iFIT has benefited us by improving our case note availability and increasing the number of users carrying out tracking. iFIT is an easy system for all to use.

Sue Kelly
Medical Records Services Manager, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

iFIT has given us greater case note availability, quicker tracking, location based filing and case note movement monitoring. My advice to those interested in the system would be to visit sites where implementation has already taken place.

Shaun Young
Administration Manager, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Since iFIT, case note libraries are used more efficiently, there is better reporting aiding clinic preparation and we can now find missing case notes when we aren’t even actively looking for them. If you are considering iFIT but are still undecided, visit our site. Think about clinic preparation on implementation as well as library changes. iFIT solves storage issues instantly.

Paul Sheerien
Clerical Services Manager, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

This is all about patient safety. It’s about making sure we have the case notes available when the patient needs them and when they attend our trust to make their care as safe as possible.

Gordon Elder
Outpatient and Medical Records Manager, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, England

iFIT™ has been a transformational product for the records department. After just a week of live running we have three times as many people using the system over our old case notes tracking system and we do not have enough work for some of our records clerks.

Christine Eddy
Head of Patient Services, the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

iFIT has been a massive support for our rollout of EDM across the trust. It not only supports the finding of case notes for scanning but provides us with the necessary audit trails for our achievement of IS10008 so we will be able to destroy our scanned records.

Caroline Knox
Health Records Manager, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust

iFIT has allowed us to make significant savings within the trust. Our close collaboration means access to highly customised and efficient solutions to record keeping challenges which fit the changing environment of the NHS. Specifically, staff reduction, more efficient pulling, higher rates of found missing files and reduced temporary set creation. We are very happy with our customer service and account manager.

Simon Clayton
Assistant Health Records Manager, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


StrokePad™ is a comprehensive digital patient record for people with acute stroke. StrokePad is not simply an audit tool but a comprehensive record with a number of unique features. It is a tablet-based system that replicates pen and paper allowing clinicians, or any member of the clinical team, to document their cases at any point in the process of clinical care with ease, speed and comprehensiveness.

Dr Parashkev Nachev
Senior Clinical Research Associate at University College London Hospitals, England

We wanted a system that would provide a complete stroke pathway record, be smart enough to organise and report on targets, and provide meaningful outputs to our stakeholders - all without getting in the way of direct patient care. This didn't exist so we built the StrokePad.

Dr Rob Simister
Clinical Lead of the Hyperacute Stroke Unit, UCLH

With only one input necessary at the bedside the StrokePad effortlessly informs our clinical record, populates the discharge summary, provides real time data and keeps us on top of targets minute by minute.

Dr Nick Losseff
Clinical Director, UCLH Comprehensive Stroke Service


The best thing about Lilie is the people behind the application, their support and care shown to their customers.

Clare Pope
ICT Lead/Administration Manager, Northumbria Healthcare Foundation Trust

The Lilie Text module has allowed the service to notify patients of test results and has greatly eased communication of negative results. It has also enabled reminders to be sent with details of appointments and we have now enabled patient replies to these messages for cancelling and rearranging appointments.

Tom Streeter
IT Manager Wolverhampton Sexual Health Services

We worked with 6PM to develop customised elements for the Lilie sexual health system. These bespoke solutions for the Dean Street Express service have allowed us to create efficient patient focused solution that facilitates self-directed care. I was really impressed with the commitment and professionalism of the development team, and we’re delighted with the award winning results. Not only is it solution that works well for us, our patients love it.

Dr Alan McOwan
Lead Clinician 56 Dean Street, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We were the first to go live with the Lilie system in GUM and we followed this by going live in HIV. Now, there are no notes on the shelves to sort, no people walking round the clinic trying to locate notes. Last week, a doctor from Newcastle called me because a HIV patient had turned up. I was able to give him the patient’s full medical history just by clicking. Then he needed some urgent results and they were with him via email within five minutes.

Dr Gary Brook
Clinical Lead GUM/HIV, Central Middlesex Hospital

With Lilie, we can put markers on patient records. This can be particularly useful where there may be potential safeguarding issues. For example if that patient is known to the child sexual exploitation team the flag would then immediately alert the health care professional when the electronic patient record was opened.

Anne Greenwood
Clinical Director of Sexual Health, BlackPool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

With the increase in reporting requirements for commissioning purposes, Lilie has been the right choice for our services. Not only can we gather the data required and submit our reports and KPIs electronically, it has also reduced time spent on compiling reports. We know who visited us, at which site and that helps us to deliver a safer service to our patients.

Annette Marchment
Admin and Systems Manager, BlackPool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


So far I am very impressed with Climate-HIV. It’s potential for improving patient care, facilitating audit and research is clear. Furthermore, report generation for collecting epidemiological information is a breath of fresh air and will save our staff hundreds of hours.

Dr Steve Taylor
Lead Consultant at Birmingham Heartlands HIV Service

Patients with HIV often require a range of tests and can suffer from a wide variety of complications. If that is all stored in different IT systems and paper records, you need a lot of time to review all the details. I have more time talking to my patient, because I have all the information on the screen with Climate-HIV. It is safer because we won’t miss important details, and the patient can see the benefits of their treatment on the screen with some helpful graphs. Climate-HIV fits to the doctor’s actions like a glove fits to a surgeon’s hands.

Dr Achim Schwenk
Consultant Physician in HIV Medicine, North Middlesex University Hospital

Timed my HARS creation using Climate-HIV and upload to PHE. Took 96 seconds, including logging in. Before Climate-HIV it took 2 weeks!

Howard Gees
Data and Systems Manager – Sexual Health Services Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

The to-do list is great – I can keep track of all those things, small and big. No more ‘post it’ notes around my computer screen!

Dr Chris Wood
Consultant in HIV Medicine, North Middlesex Hospital

You can just see Climate-HIV has been designed by clinicians, not by number crunchers. They understand how we work – and have built the software around it.

Dr Charlotte Hopkins
Consultant in GUM/HIV, Bart’s Health

All I need to see about my patient is on one screen – their CD4, viral load, treatment, diagnoses, allergies, resistance, even reminders of things to do. Whilst the patient is with me they have my full attention. After the consultation, I have lots of well-designed pages where I can document with as much detail as I want. And if all is OK with my patient, I can just write a brief note and the job is done in a minute.

Dr Evangelos Vryonis
Consultant in HIV Medicine, North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust.

Climate-HIV helps our patients understand how keeping their medication stable can help them stay healthier.

Dr Immy Ahmed
Head of Sexual Health Services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust


This is a very strategic contract for the Nuffield. The CareSolutions™ product will provide us with an industry standard platform based on the Microsoft™ toolset and allow us to become more self-sufficient. The product has been selected after an extensive due diligence exercise reviewing both the product and the reputation of 6PM in the UK health market.

Jane Orr
Associate Director of Performance, The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Extending to 6PM’s CareSolutions Managed Service was the next logical step in our excellent business relationship we have with 6PM and allows us to leverage 6PM’s knowledge of the Care Solutions product, utilise their breadth of technical skills and allow the trust's personnel to concentrate on the provision of Business Intelligence services to the Trust and external partners.

Ben Emly
Head of Performance at East Surrey NHS Trust

This project has taken an incredible amount of commitment from both the Trust project team and the 6PM consultants who have worked tirelessly together to ensure it was a success. Having been the first trust to take the new feed we are now very advanced in our Business Intelligence capability offered by the 6PM CareSolutions™ Data Warehouse.

Beverley Edwards
Head of Information Services, Kingston NHS Foundation Trust


Linking people with dementia with high quality research has historically been very problematic. Registering an individual’s interest has proved very effective in earlier pilot work with DemReg but the new ConCERT-D system will allow us to embed the register fully in clinical practice as it acts as both a Research Register and an Electronic Patient Record. This will allow even more people to gain access to the high quality dementia research we undertake.

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